Monte Pizza Crust’s core values for the highest quality pizza crusts and dough balls

It is our ambition to become the national and international market leader in delivering and manufacturing the highest quality pizza crusts and dough balls. Our core values are in line with making this ambition reality. Every day we put our best effort in producing a perfect pizza base, delivering the highest quality and meeting the highest customer satisfaction. Let’s be partners. This way, your customers do not have to settle for less and will certainly taste the difference.

Traditional baking method

The pizza crusts from Monte Pizza Crust are based on a classic recipe and traditional preparation method. However, we can adjust the recipe, dimensions and production process to produce the best pre-baked pizza crust and dough ball completely adjusted to the preferences of your customers.

We like natural ingredients

Monte Pizza Crust strongly believes in sustainable pizza production methods and we therefor only use natural ingredients.

Unique fully-automated production process without losing quality

We have been constantly optimizing our production process since our establishment in 1996. We are able to manufacture and deliver high quantities of pizza crusts and dough balls without compromising on quality.


For more information about how we can become your partner in high quality pizza crusts and dough balls, please feel free to contact us for a non-binding advice from one of our experienced employees.

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