American pizza crust: authentic and popular

The firm and crispy American pizza crust is well appreciated by customers all around the world. Of course, we only use natural ingredients.

Cold pressing for the perfect American pizza base

The traditional method we use for the production of American pizza base is called ‘cold pressing’. It entails gently pressing a dough ball whereby the dough is baked on baking plates in a wire mesh oven. Every pizza base is given the time, attention and special treatment it needs to ensure the highest quality. The result is an American pizza base with a light dough structure that is crispy on the outside.

American pizza crust in all thinkable sizes and thicknesses

We produce American pizza crusts in a wide range of high quality pizza bases of several dimensions and thicknesses.

The thickness varies from thin (7 mm) up to deep dish (18 mm plus).

Our standard dimensions on this line are:

  • 7 inch (17cm)
  • 9 inch (22 cm)
  • 10 inch (25 cm)
  • 12 inch (30 cm)
  • 14 inch (35 cm)
  • 9 inch x 15 inch (22 x 37 cm)

Deep dish pizza with our American pizza crust

Deep dish pizza is making its comeback. We can produce American pizza crusts with the right size and thickness to make the perfect deep dish pizzas. Your customers will taste the difference and appreciate the perfect bite. We also produce Italian pizza bases and pizza crusts with vegetables.


For more information about our American pizza crusts, the production process called ‘cold pressing’ or the dimensions of your preferences, contact us via e-mail.

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