Monte Pizza Crust: your experienced partner in every pizza concept

Monte Pizza Crust has been developing and baking high quality pizza crusts and dough balls since its start in 1996. Our broad selection of pizza crusts and dough balls makes its way to a wide range of international markets. Our ambition is to be a leading national and international supplier with a reputation for quality. That’s why we are investing and focusing on service and offering the best possible value for money.

Years of experience and passion in pizza products

We are passionate about manufacturing and delivering the best pre-baked pizza crusts and dough balls. Every day we put our best effort in producing the tasty and crispy pizza base that your customers love.

We deliver the best pizza base because we:

Market leader in pre-baked pizza crusts and dough balls

Monte Pizza Crust is a privately owned company with a clear vision to become market leader in manufacturing and delivering pizza crusts and dough balls in large volumes. Although the demand for our complete product range is growing, we never compromise on quality and continue to use the best ingredients. This results in pre-baked pizza crusts and dough balls that are guaranteed to remain crisp, firm, fresh and delicious.


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