The best logistical solution for your frozen pizza crust and dough ball

We like to go beyond manufacturing the perfect frozen pizza crust and dough ball. We want to support you in the whole process and become a sustainable partner in your supply chain. For this we have the best logistical solution: one-stop-shopping.

One-stop-shopping for all types of frozen pizza base

We manufacture our complete range of products at one location. Because of this one-stop-shopping solution you save time and energy during the ordering process, you have a logistical advantage and we can also offer you more high volume discounts.

Partner in packaging, storage and transport

After manufacturing your frozen pizza crust and dough ball, we are also your partner during the next steps to secure the end quality of the product. The production process, packaging, cold storage and climate-controlled transporting: all is planned down to the very last detail. Moreover, our home base in Etten-Leur is centrally located in terms of highways, airports and sea ports (Antwerp / Rotterdam). This translates into excellent accessibility and fast delivery.

One-stop-shopping: logistical advantages

Being able to work with just one single supplier that can provide a complete product range from a central, accessible location brings huge logistical advantages for you. In addition, we can help develop efficient custom solutions for all your worldwide logistical needs, in line with your organisation. We are here to support you in optimising your logistics.


If you have questions about our one-stop-shopping solution, please contact us. We will discuss the possibilities and take care of the most efficient way of logistics.

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